Jamaica fat girls chat

“Survival depends on looking good and having a big bottom, and young girls want to be attractive.People are looking for a quick fix,” she says, but they “are realizing changing weight is a risk.” The fact that the pills are illegal to buy or consume in Jamaica poses that little data exists about their composition, or how many women are affected by them.

In January, 48-year-old Marilyn Ely Reid pleaded guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault in a Toronto courtroom for injecting women with non-surgical standard silicone oil for years.

Some of the women had severe and life threatening reactions to Reid’s concoction.

The trend for a big butt is one that is growing around the world.

Arguably, nowhere is that urge stronger than the Caribbean Island of Jamaica where women are resorting to extreme measures to get the biggest butt.

She says a friend has recently been taking the chicken pills, and they’re having adverse effects.