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Gerard Arthur Way, born April 9, 1977 and hailing from Newark, New Jersey, is the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance, brother to band mate Mikey Way (bass).Gerard's maternal grandmother Elena taught him how to draw, sing and perform.

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We stepped inside the arena and she led me toward a room with a sign plastered on the door that read "My Chemical Romance." Opening the door, Cathy stepped inside the small room. " She ran toward the man sitting on a vanity stool.

He looked in our direction, a smile quickly growing on his lips.

~*~ "I can't believe you're actually going on a date with Gerard." Cathy muttered as she sat on the edge of my bed. Opening the front door, I smiled widely once I saw Gerard standing on the porch of my house.

His hair was styled perfectly and he was dressed in a black leather jacket, a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, black jeans and black converse. "You look incredible." Gerard complimented with a smile. You don't take shit seriously and you're one of the few girls who didn't scream their head off when they met me.

Cathy ran into his arms and they hugged each other for a few seconds before she pulled away. "Awesome name." "Thank you." Grinning widely, Cathy started towards the door.