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ESTP- Why you want one: Know Jeremy Piven in Entourage?

Sometimes it just feels good to be around an asshole.

INFJ- Why you want one: They’ll sit inside and read Dostoevsky with you on a rainy day, they’re good curators of interests and they’ll find something interesting to do and plan the whole date out (to the second). Where to find one: Any independent or used bookstore in a trendy neighborhood on a Friday night.

Typically they’ll be there before heading to a small divey but not too divey bar to have a moderately pretentious microbrew with their one other friend.

Spoiler Alert: You’ll get tired of them making jokes about ninjas and Lord of the Rings. Where to find one: At their friend’s house drinking whiskey Cokes and watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

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    The most extreme restraints are found in parts of the North-West Frontier Province and Balochistan, where women almost never leave their homes except when they marry and almost never meet unrelated men.

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    So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter.

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    Most rules do not specify whether it is acceptable to date after the student is no longer a student in the professor’s class.

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    In the end, she must decide whether to follow her obsession or to let go, in order to survive. I was so thrilled that I stumbled across an independent horror feature that I had never seen.