Intimidating things to say before a fight

if you are training just to get a ripped body you might want to consider other less technical means like those of boot camps or cardio kickboxing. If you are gassing out on the first round of pad work try going lighter, it will help you focus on your technique anyway.Sure the warm ups and the conditioning drills will be challenging at first, but you probably signed up to be challenged and improve your fitness.2) When you do get a bump, bruise, or pain of practically any kind on your leg, shin, or foot 3) Rub out your shins and legs with Thai oil before training. There was a bunch of soft tissue on the top of my shin that gave me grief in the beginning.

If you feel genuinely uncomfortable in class find a gym that makes you feel welcome. My first coach used to say, “If it was easy everyone would do it.” I tell this to my students all the time. I felt stupid, didn’t know what combos to do and just wanted to hit something solid.

There are many different types of Muay Thai gyms with different vibes and gym cultures. Learning how to use your body as a weapon in a rule-based sport is not an easy task. I may not absolutely love shadow boxing even today, but I understand it’s benefit and see it’s results.

Only their English was hard for me to understand and I thought they were calling me a leper. But once you have been training for a bit and want to take it seriously you’ll want gear that lasts and is protective. So yeah, that $50 pair of gloves will wear out much sooner than the $100 pair.

During my first 2-4 years of training I came home from the gym and put packs of frozen peas on me from my feet to my knees for 30 minutes while eating dinner and watching TV. With most brands you really are getting your money’s worth.

If you are lucky enough to live in a large urban area you should have a variety of gyms to choose from. Instead of getting frustrated by not being able to do a strike or combination perfectly, get FASCINATED by the sport and use that drive and passion to focus your practice. You will improve at your sport by watching other people play that sport. Shadow boxing gives you the opportunity to practice strikes, footwork and new combos with precision, by slowing it down, checking your work in the mirror, fixing mistakes and then speeding it up.