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Opinion is divided in Azerbaijan (42% say it is a religious obligation, 36% disagree).Only in Tajikistan does a clear majority (69%) agree that Muslims have a duty to spread their faith.

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Somewhat smaller majorities take this view in Lebanon (66%) and Tunisia (72%).

In most countries surveyed in sub-Saharan Africa, more than six-in-ten Muslims say that only Islam can lead to eternal life.

In 34 of the 38 countries where the question was asked, at least half of Muslims believe that Islam is the one true religion that can lead to eternal life in heaven.

Overwhelming majorities of Muslims say that Islam is the only religion that leads to eternal life in heaven in most countries surveyed in the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt (96%), Jordan (96%), Iraq (95%), Morocco (94%) and the Palestinian territories (89%).

And few believe Islam and other religions have a lot in common.