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Here is an example of a request to copy table 1e7y6mtqv892233322222_bbbbbbbbb_Cv Whg9gc: You must supply the row data in the message body.

The row data should be CSV formatted data, though you may specify alternative delimiters. Here is an example of importing more rows into table 1e7y6mtqv892233322222_bbbbbbbbb_Cv Whg9gc, POST https:// Whg9gc/import Authorization: /* auth token here */ Content-Type: application/octet-stream Moth, 30, 2012 Grass Spider, 12.2, 2011 Fusion Tables also offers a way to modify columns for a given Fusion Table.

Note: Check the table's permission levels and set appropriate authorizations to ensure your code can succeed with the type of access you want.

If a table is marked as exportable and either public or unlisted, the request can be written directly in the URL bar of your browser by using an API key.

For example: Fusion Tables offers a way to easily create, modify, and visualize tables of data.