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As a kid, i initially assumed it really was a visit from the devil. I got it too often to the point that i chose to sleep with my parents! This happened last night to me, I really dont know if I was dreaming it or awake I feel like I was awake.And also too often that for some reasons i could feel it coming(up to now)! My boyfriend was next to me and I couldn't move to get him to wake up to get his attention I wanted to scream but I couldn't it only lasted a few mins but it was terrifying! This happens to me,, it happend to me a few times before and i was soo scared!!

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I can recall a few experiences that happened when I was living at home as well.

Overall it has happened frequently over the past 3 weeks.

What's weird is the fact that I feel like I'm going through hell while experiencing this, but I wake up feeling totally fine.

It scares me not to be able to move, I am trying so hard to open my eyes, and yell for my roommate, or pound on the have no success.

i usually hear conversations with voices ive never heard in my life. I found out that if i play music until i sleep it doesnt happen. Well I'm here to tell you that you are not alone on this I just got out in the state in being in sleep paralysis I.

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