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Sign up is easy and you can even use a foreign credit card (preferably one without an international transaction fee).Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache are like the Chinese versions of Uber, but they work with actual taxis AND private cars.Then there are the black cabs, which look like regular cars. At the time of writing, the initial meter charge is 14rmb for the first 3km, then 2.4rmb for each kilometer after 3km, and 3.6rmb/km after 10km. Getting a taxi in the rain or during rush hour can be almost impossible, and that's where taxi apps come in handy.

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Housing scams are big around here, so don’t agree to deals where your key is mailed to you, and don’t pay more than a month’s deposit. Don't ever give more than two months as a security despoit, but always bargain to pay one month at a time and give a one month security deposit.

In fact, you may wanna just spend your first week staying in hostels around the city until you figure out which area you want to live in.

out of laowailand but still in an urban zone, Hongkou, Lujiazui, and Zhongshan Park are also nice and usually cheaper.

Whatever you decide, stay close to a subway station.

Jing’an, Xuhui, Changning, and Luwan / Xintiandi are all good areas near downtown.