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But when he and a general contractor came back to the couple's mansion on Mulholland Highway to get their tools and Tommy Lee pointed a shotgun at them, saying, "Get the fuck off my property," Gauthier got seriously pissed.

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Anderson, with her leather dresses and her notorious double-D breast implants, seemed a better match for a guy who was known for mooning the audience.

In April 1995, stolen Polaroids of the couple in bed made their way to the French and Dutch editions of Over the course of their multi-year renovations, the couple cycled through several rounds of contractors and workers they deemed untrustworthy, spending what was, by all accounts, an obscene amount of money building out a hedonist's paradise with heart-shaped glass and iron doors; a pillow room; a koi pond; a 20-foot mural of heaven and hell in the elevator shaft; and a 30-foot swing in the living room, hanging above the white baby grand piano."Basically, we made it into a huge adult playground," Lee wrote in his 2004 memoir, ."They were getting three-inch slabs of marble from France and Italy delivered," says Guerin Swing, an interior designer who partied frequently with the Lees that year and worked on some of the house's more artistic touches.

with his new wife, a pert blonde actress who inspires over a billion people around the world to drool each week as she runs across the beach in a tight red bathing suit.

Not when you've been laying wires, tearing up the walls and painting again and again, because the light switch the rock star thought he wanted over here he now wants just By the time Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson abruptly fired the handful of the people renovating their Malibu mansion, refusing to pay for work they said was shoddily done, electrician Rand Gauthier was so sick of the celebrity couple's demands that he was ready to simply write off the $20,000 he says they owed him.

A studio troll, they called him."I was never really that popular with people, " he says. So Gauthier decided to steal the giant safe he knew was tucked in the garage, the one with all of Lee's guns and Anderson's jewelry, and have a laugh at their expense.