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(That former studio staffer Charles Shows recounted this tale in his book does little to establish its veracity: all throughout the book he presents first-person accounts of incidents he clearly did not witness, but only heard about from others.) It remains one of the many stories that can (for now) neither be proved nor definitively ruled out.

This anecdote sounds to us like the kind of tale about which one might say, “If it isn’t true, it should be,” because it’s a legend that so neatly encapsulates several stereotypes associated with larger-than-life figure of Walt Disney: How true are these stereotypes?

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He stared at the screen as the film was shown, not saying a word. Walt supposedly laughed along with everyone else, calmly asked who had put together the film, and fired the parties responsible for it.

This appears to be another one of those anecdotes that plenty of former Disney employees have heard, told to them as a “true story” by other Disney employees, yet nobody seems to have been there when it happened, or to know anyone who was.

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His artists and film recordists wanted to test this so, in compiling an early sequence of film for Walt to view they added one frame of a naked woman.

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