Ffxi not updating

You can edit/add/remove buff lists that can be invoked with the command in data/buff The order of buffs within the list does not affect the order in which they will be cast.We have the bought and paid for the game, and will never recommend that you use anything different.

If none of the solutions here help, please use the Discord Setup page to get on and chat with us. Again, a lot can be fixed by rebooting your computer, logging in again, or running programs as an Administrator.

If that doesn't work, specific errors with their solutions are listed below.

Buffs gained via job abilities are now supported, but have not yet been tested extensively. With the addition of job ability support comes support for prioritization (since, for example, Composure should be used before other buffs are applied).

Detection of whether the local healer is able to act has been improved for when debuffs such as sleep or petrify are active, so that now it should not try to spam spells while unable to act.

I have an idea about how to support BRD songs, so that should be coming soon.