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I just can't picture being completley cut off from my family just because of the person I choose to love, but apparently, from what I've been reading, cutting people off because they don't "choose the right" seems to be the answer to alot of Mormons. I'm just looking for some outlets, or advice on how to go about working through these issues, and understanding all of tattedandsinful, i'm so sorry for you - and for her.

I can't give a firsthand gay perspective but I can give one being involved with someone I thought was exmo as well, but turns out he was what they call a jackmormon; someone who still believes but didn't currently attend church.

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It's just a big mess, she's never going back, but it's difficult to really understand how these types of people still exist in the world.

And yes, tatted means tattooed, and sinful..I thought it was ironic to make a username because we "sin" everyday apparently when we are together ;)I don't think that's what tatted meant. They throw a fit even if someone dates a "nonmember" of the church.

Even then, many members are not going to be very accepting of gays, despite the new party line.

Many years ago there was a program at BYU to "shock the gay away" by using electrodes on young gay men's genitals.

I am not sure how much I can offer in terms of going forward from here - how far out is your partner? does she want to go back - is her family guilting her to go back?