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It is way more helpful to get direct feedback from the company on trouble shooting.

Installation error: Configuration file is damaged Awesync installation didn't start and throws this error. Answer: This error means, that you have corrupted records in Windows Installer database.

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I tried to sync and restore from the server (because it seems like my files are still on the server) but this first said there was an error with the translators and styles.

This is SO frustrating and I am wondering why Zotero doesn't have a customer service line.

In this case you're not able to run Lotus Notes by simple run of "C:\Lotus\Notes\Notes.exe" (for sure, change to your correct installation path if you are able to check this). Answer: Most possible this is the same reason as above - you have pre-configured shortcut which runs your Lotus Notes.

This pre-configured shortcut should contain command line parameters like Notes ini file not found at path: ... You should change type of installation to "Multi-User" and provide correct path to your Change the following registry value to 1 Can not connect to Google Calendar service I'm getting error "Cannot connect to Google Calendar service" while sync'ing or receiving the list of calendars from Google.

Notes itself may work well in this case, but any other programs which use Lotus Notes COM may be unusable. First run error: Can't read registry settings (Multiple users installation) In first run after installation Awe Sync shows this error. Answer: This means that you have multi-user installation of Lotus Notes, but Registry settings doesn't correspond to multi-user installation.