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Usage of zoosexual as a noun (in reference to a person) is synonymous with zoophile, while the adjectival form of the word – as, for instance, in the phrase "zoosexual act" – may indicate sexual activity between a human and a non-human animal.

The derivative noun "zoosexuality" is sometimes used by self-identified zoophiles in both support groups and on internet-based discussion forums to designate sexual orientation manifesting as romantic or emotional involvement with, or sexual attraction to, non-human animals.

[…] According to statistics from Denmark, 54% of the births in Denmark are illegitimate. I don't know." They end up registering the child in her own name. But when she says that the child is from her boyfriend, that's fine… Jeg har dog ikke kunnet finde noget som helst – så den gode Dr.

In this case, the term "illegitimate" does not mean a girl getting pregnant by her boyfriend. Muhammad Al-Arifi må have en ualmindelig god fantasi eller en rigtig god søgemaskine. maj 2006 at pm and is filed under DUM (det undrer mig), Politik.

Miletski believes this is not due to a reduction in interest but merely a reduction in opportunity.