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Stella Adler said that life corrodes and erodes the spirit.

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At the time the Vicious thing was a real break for me as an actor. At the time, I thought God knows where acting could have possibly led.

I don't want to go see a fucking Merchant-Ivory movie with a few people walking around in linen suits getting a little bit pissed off with one another.

tormented geniuses and shakespeare-quoting villains with attitude, no one beats Gary Oldman.

This summer alone, the 39-year-old British actor is playing the fiendish Zorg in "The Fifth Element," a madman who hijacks the presidential plane in "Air Force One" and the sardonically evil Dr.

I saw other actors doing it and I said I want to do that. But you don't walk around like a sort of bomb ready to detonate? There's somewhat of a misconception about me in the world, in the press, bullshit stuff. They've covered everything with "Star Wars." There's practically nothing left that hasn't been "Star-Warred." It won't be a problem for you if this movie becomes like that? No, because Akiva [producer and writer Akiva Goldsman] has written an intelligent script. I'd like to do something more slapstick and physical, sillier than that. It's been a very varied, eclectic kind of menu, my career.