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I have developed a love for colmados, little shops that sell everything from individual rolls of toilet paper to salami, from ice to matches, from chips to Brugal Rum.

Located practically on every other street, these locally owned places also are places to convene, chat with your neighbors, play dominoes, and kick back a few shots of rum or “super fria” Presidentes.

What are some things you noticed about Dominicans that are different from your own country?

Hopefully it will help, however I'm afraid there are still some women out there who refuse to see reality and no matter how much info they are presented with--- will still believe "he is different"... Relationships in the Dominican Republic You're here for a 1 or 2 week vacation or maybe living here - you have to get realistic about Dominican relationships.

In the capital, Dominicans wear business casual/business formal regardless of how oppressive the heat is.

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