Does updating playstation help blu ray Coupel vedio sex

When you load the CD-R in the player, it will read the file and ask you confirm the update.

double-checking the country/region of the firmware. I mainly use a Sony Playstation 3 for testing projects.

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The PS3 seems to get a new firmware update about every 8 weeks or so.

The most recent update gave us new BD-Live support that allows access the web from the video or menu for additional content.

It really does not make a difference when you purchased the player – If your BD-R or BD-RE disc will not play after you’ve burned it and the firmware has not been updated, then you more than likely need to do a firmware update.

I have provided a few links to get you started but I highly suggest doing a on your Blu-ray player model.

I have a broadband connection and it shouldn't be taking this long.