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I'd like to feel that I'm better in both worlds in that respect.

I think I've improved in a lot of ways because of being able to stay clean and sober. And you can't do it by yourself - you have to use the tools that you're given by other people who have got your back and look out for you.

But people were very proud and very determined to come back and come back strong. My dad worked in the steel industry and my mom worked from home and also in the factories and stuff, but it was a good childhood.""Like most council estate communities everybody looked out for everybody else.

Everybody also knew everyone else’s business in a way too. It was a good place to start life and it taught me the value of hard work and I think that ethic is still ingrained in Judas Priest today. We never take anything for granted and we’ve all still got that connection to why we wanted to be in a band in the first place."Halford was introduced to co-founding Judas Priest member Ian Hill by his sister, who was dating Hill at the time.

As intense and invested as Pearce is, his character is impenetrable, much like the rest of the movie, but Pattinson actually contributes some of his finest acting so far in his career.