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Have been taking lessons off and on for the past 6 years with my gf.Really enjoy it and have competed a couple of times.Most of the dances I go to are alcohol and smoke free so it's a good safe place to meet.

But I met my honey HERE & he loves to dance- its so hard to find someone that enjoys it, will teach you different patterns (I dont know ballroom but he does) so we are having loads of fun.

I do east coast swing, & would like to learn west coast eventually; have done a little latin dancing..sexyi took ballroom dancing lessons when i was around 14/15, just for fun, no competitions involved, and thoroughly enjoyed themi'd love to do more ballroom dancing, but haven't the opportunity at the moment I love doing ballroom dancing, when a man is good on leading me ...

It is for that reason that I won't watch until they get near the finals and there are some really good dancers where the judges aren't as critical. One of my best people even quit the job she had to go teach this in Ottawa.

I'm looking forward to them bringing back Dance with the Stars. I found it odd, cause she was the real "tom-boy" type, but looked beautiful in the long gowns, etc.

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