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During , it was not at all unusual to see the “girls”—as Walt paternalistically referred to them—thin and exhausted, collapsed on the lawn, in the ladies’ lounge, or even under their desks.

“I’ll be so thankful when is finished and I can live like a human once again,” Rae wrote after she recorded 85 hours in a week.

Now Abi says her body is the envy of women and the desire of men, who 'almost crash their cars' when they see her.

Abi was said to have shared a string of dates with Floyd earlier this year.'Abi and Floyd really hit it off and she was blown away by his sense of humour and generosity,' a source told The Sun at the time.'She was in a fragile and vulnerable place and Floyd has made her feel confident again.'The source added: 'He made sure they were friends first, before trying to take it further.

“The minute I get a pen in my hand my brain goes numb—just like it does at the studio.