Dating the pharmacist on a my dad is dating a much younger woman

Nevertheless, research indicates that many training programs do not spend enough time addressing how to deal with sexual attraction to clients. Sex as a coping strategy and its relationship to juvenile sexual history and intimacy in sexual offenders.

The legal implications pertaining to dual relationships within the field of mental health depend on the nature of the dual relationship and whether the client suffers harm. Sexual aggression: achieving power through humiliation.

In the area of mental health, engaging in a sexual relationship with a client or patient is strictly prohibited by every set of ethical standards developed by the various professional associations and licensing bodies.

Therefore, it is important to begin acknowledging the potential opportunities that may be created by the power associated with a pharmacist’s access to drugs and by the social status associated with the position itself.

When behaviors or interests are sexual in nature, our individual sensitivities and cultural backgrounds come into play.

However, the codes of ethics within most professional organizations warn of the potential problems of dual relationships, specifically for this reason. Boundary Issues in Counseling: Multiple Roles and Responsibilities. Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association; 2006.14.