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As part of the contest, the team now competes for an additional $50,000 grant to bring their full web series to life.

Voters will select one finalist from each province as the overall winners.

Voting opens in February 2018, and the projects can later be viewed at “It follows two South Asians, Aru and Noori, who both download the Lux-Me app, which pulls them into a world of augmented reality,” according to a post at

“In an identity-obsessed society, this app allows users to display their stats overhead (Gender Identity, Age, Relationship Status, Interests).

I started as the nice person position and didn’t want to hurt people but I found that when I would answer even to say I am not interested then they will keep coming back for more conversation. V thought men and women got the same number depending on the quality of their profile Rob couldn’t even guess but he figured is she was pretty probably a lot. Susan agreed although she said that 3 or 4 messages a day was more her average. The results after a week: If you are curious about the experiment you can read more here: I wondered if men were getting mixed messages about how to proceed in this new online world.