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(You can stop smiling now.)The last and most important tip I can give you is to be confident.

The country boasts a conservative culture where 70 percent of prospective couples marry for raising children.

Either way, do not go empty-handed, EVEN if she tells you not to bring anything! Alternatively, if you are taking her to a restaurant, do not expect her to pay for anything. Whereas this might be considered rude in America, it's perfectly normal to observe people this way in Italy.

However, she is equally fulfilled, if not more fulfilled by her family, with or without children.

Given a choice between "alone time" and a family gathering, the Italian woman would most likely choose the latter.

Believe me, I've seen some of my Italian friends accept dates from American men who didn't have much going on except for the fact that they said all the right things..Italian!

So make the effort, and if she's not impressed, you'll still be ahead of the game because you'll be able to impress an American woman the same way!

She's invited you to her place for dinner, now what?