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These guitars were the first Guild instruments to bear slim pointed headstocks, sometimes called "pointy droopy", "duck foot" and "cake knife" for their distinctive shape.

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In late 2010, Guild released its Standard Series acoustic guitars, which are US-built guitars (still manufactured in the New Hartford, Connecticut facility) that are based on models from their top-end Traditional Series.

Differences in ornamentation and instrument finish options make them more affordable.

Standard Series models include the F-30, F-30R, F-50, D-40, D-50, and the return of the F-212XL 12-string model.

All Standard Series models feature red spruce bracing, satin mahogany necks, and bone saddles, nuts, and bridge pins, but have lower-grade wood and different ornamentation than their Traditional Series counterparts.

These kits were near-complete production guitars that only needed finishing and final assembly before being sent to retailers.