Dating for metalheads

Lol As for my Faves: Death Voivod Hypocrisy Katatonia Rotting Christ My Dying Bride Primordial Testament And pits can still be fun if the crowd knows what the hell is going on. My best war story was fracturing my ankle at an Exodus show at 35 years of age by doing a front flip off the front of the stage. When I was reloading my beer I missed the song dedicated to "that crazy old mutherfu**er who just did a f**kin flip off our stage!!

dating for metalheads-45

I'll just throw out my favorite top 10 bands at the moment: Overkill, Borknagar, Burzum (new album leaked!

), Korpiklaani, Vomit Remnants, Enslaved, Sigh, Drudkh, and Woods Of Ypres.

Just bow down; Metalheads get beat up at Hardcore shows, and Mosh like football players.

You got no moves where we throw the afore-mentioned "windmills", beside elbows, kicks, spinkicks, punches, and other violence directed at whoever happens to be there. If you refuse to bow down, I'll be forced to site examples of our Hardcore style of dancing which wrecks Metalheads and Punks alike. ;-)[The only good Metal band is Iron Maiden, beside that, Metal is a bloated corporate creation that came after Black Sabbath.

Plus we've got to account for people lying since they're not exactly proud of themselves cheating…