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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Yves throws the most beautiful punch/kick combinations out there IMO. GSP - He's French-Canadian and probably the single most well rounded, athletic, and well conditioned fighter in the game. Brock Lesnar - well, as a former WWE fan, it's always impressive to see a man that size move like he does ... Gina Carano - Hopefully Dana White sees the potential to have a womans MMA fight now and then and signs her to a contract.

I see there are a lot of knowledgable MMA fans here. Plus he is very elusive, rarely taking a full shot. He doesnt take punishment and is good at reversals. and its nice to see those people who don't "get" the athletic element of pro wrestling react to his performance in MMA. Brock Lesnar - He will be the most dominate heavyweight for the next couple of years at least Chuck Liddell - Had the classics with Couture and Ortiz Rampage Jackson - His character is sort of based off Junkyard Dog as he was a huge fan of wrestling back when he lived in Memphis, I think he is hilarious.

How many times we have been in relationships with non-practitioners and they have become frustrated with our dedication?

We find it hard to fall in love with someone if they do not love what we love, and what we love is such a small niche that finding the right one for you can seem downright .

Wanderlei Silva-it's sad that most people only know Wandy from his last few fights.