Dating during annulment

Dating during annulment buddhist views on interracial dating

If both spouses do not live in Maryland, one spouse needs to have lived in Maryland for at least a year.

See if the clerk at the circuit court for your county has a sample complaint for annulment that you can use.

A link to contact information for all Maryland circuit courts is included in the "Resources" section below.

The spouse filing for annulment is called the “plaintiff” in the complaint, and the other spouse is the “defendant.” Your complaint for annulment needs to state the date of the marriage and the city, county, and state where you were married.

If a marriage happened because one spouse coerced or defrauded the other spouse, and the innocent spouse continues to live with the other spouse after discovering the fraud, the fraud ground has been waived (given up) and the marriage can no longer be annulled.

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