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The Norwegian earl Eric of Hlathir was Cnut's brother-in-law.

Eadric Streona was an English ealdorman who became notorious for his treacherous shenanigans.

Then King Cnut, after putting the aforesaid questions, tried to get the aforesaid magnates to swear fealty to him.

So they swore that they would choose him for their king, and humbly obey him, and raise taxes for the payment of his army; and receiving the king's bare hand by way of pledge, and the oaths of the Danish chiefs, they entirely renounced the brothers and sons of Edmund, and denied their right to become kings.” The Viking Thorkell the Tall had entered the service of King Æthelred, Edmund's father, in 1012, but evidently switched his allegiance to Cnut at some stage during the latter's campaign of conquest 1015–16.

The assaults appeared to be linked and two involved victims having their mopeds stolen, they added.