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Boys start making sperm when puberty spurs maturation of the testicles, typically from age 11 to 13. However, for girls, procreation-readiness is more complicated. Today, around 7 percent of American girls begin menstruating by age eleven and more than 90 percent have periods by fourteen, with median menarche around twelve.

Girls don’t reliably release eggs until a year or two after their first menstrual periods (menarche). Given the lag time between first periods and reliable egg release, Biblically speaking, girls today are “too young” until around 13. 359-383) decreed that children could legally consent to marriage and, therefore, sex at seven.

• In 2008 in Florida, 22-year-old Morris Williams was imprisoned for having consensual sex with Alisha Dean, whose Facebook page said she was 19 when she was actually 13.

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And like you pointed out, kids are socialized very differently these days. I think there is no specific age when someone is ready to have sex for the first time, it all depends on the maturity.

However, children and teens are more easily manipulated, so I think the ''age difference'' and the ''not with someone of authrity'' rules until, I don't know, maybe 16, would still be a good idea.

If the older lover is in a position of authority over the younger—teacher-student, coach-player, military officer-recruit, etc.—sex is .

Age-of-consent laws show that society considers some “too young” for sex.

Children were considered “little adults.” They lived in an agricultural world and toiled in the fields beside their parents.