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Over the next few years, Anne experienced a number of financial set-backs.

She opened another credit card to help pay for a major car repair (00) and another to cover expenses when her roommate moved out with no notice (00). As a teacher, she thought she had job security, but her state had a budget crisis and teachers with little seniority were the first to go.

Every time I make my one consolidated payment, I know I’m one month closer to my financial freedom.” Debt consolidation lenders won’t qualify you for a loan if too much of your monthly income is dedicated to debt payments.

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You chose the day of the month that works best for you, based on your personal budget and payroll schedule. That’s $15.00 per year for every $100 you carry in debt. Here’s a scenario to help you better understand traditional debt consolidation.

This is just one of the benefits available to those who qualify for our debt management program. If you have $15,000 in debt, you’d be paying $2250 each year to hold that debt. If you carry that same debt for 5 years, you’ve paid $11,250 to borrow $15,000. After you’ve read that, we’ll tell you how In Charge’s non profit debt consolidation alternative can capture all the benefits of traditional debt consolidation without the risks. Anne starting using credit in college to pay for books and expenses.

Here are some signs that consolidating loans might be a good idea for you: Consolidating your credit card debt can help you pay it off faster, but choosing a credit consolidation company can be difficult.

There are a number of places you can go, from online lenders like Lending Club, to debt settlement firms like National Debt Relief and Oak View Law Group.

Enter your current balances, monthly payments and interest rates under Current Debt Information.