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They generally have a broader larger sound as opposed to a narrow more focused sound.

Most modern and new horn manufacturers base their designs on the French style. The Selmer Mark VI is probably the most sought after model of saxophone ever made.

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If you are looking for a vintage horn with a Low A, Selmer is probably the way to go since they have been making them since the ’50s or so.

Keep in mind that most modern/new horns emulate the bore shape and size of Selmer’s Mark VI. It seems to me that more great baritone players have chosen Conn than any other.

Borgani makes great horns, but their baritone has been “coming soon” for about 5 years now.

There may be good new horns out there today, but the majority are not great and they certainly don’t compare to those of yesteryear. There simply is not a large enough market for professional quality baritones to justify producing great horns.

In this author’s opinion, the new horns today are not up to snuff compared to older ones. They are far too often neglected or not even produced at all by newer companies.