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You're facing a bet of 6000, and you throw out one 10k chip, and one 1k chip. I come from a game (Magic) where plays similar to this are heralded and talked about years afterwards, and the "judges" encourage strict intrepretations of the "floor rules" for any given way the game is played.

Once they cross the staging area, you THEN say "call" explaining your intent to just recieve one 5k chip in c hange from the pot.

Howard Lederer, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Ray Bitar have not been seen at a poker table since Black Friday.

During my stay in Vegas this year I had a sleight conversation with (a drunk) Clonie Gowen about the nature of "angle shooting" and what exactly the term means.

Multiply times two and you will hit the straight approximately 32% (31.46% exactly) of the time.