But I'm also including it right here in the hope that it will get picked up by anyone who searches the web for the file.

And I'll put the name in the link text in case that helps. Posted by Adam Ba at PM | Comments (4) | Track Back The RTM bits of Whidbey (.

The basic thrust of the book is that people in business engage in all kinds of nonsense talk about synergy and positive re-energizing and cross-group harmonicas and the like.


It's funny because at first Fugere was making some sense.

He talked about the book A Whole New Mind and how people are affluent enough that they can start looking for notions like meaning, beauty, experience, story, uniqueness, authenticity, and humanity when they buy things.

This was perhaps the first warning sign, that the authors of a book about eliminating lame-o business-speak would use the content-sparse phrase "get to the next level".

Still the talk started out encouragingly with the claim that what Microsoft was missing was "personality", which caused us to fall into the "anonymity trap". Well, it seems that Google has those cool logo mashups, and Apple has nice packaging for their products.

In the meantime we now have a version of the about_signing help file, written by Lee Holmes.

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