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Although there are many honest Russian women seeking partners online (was one of them - albeit long time ago :-)), if you don't know what to look for, you may get scammed.

If you have any doubt whether this person is a scammer or not, I need to tell you that whilst you may have heard about "Russian women scammers" or "Russian brides scammers", most Russian bride scams are run by men, who write letters, gather photos and arrange people to receive funds in Western Union - and the women receiving the money are NOT the pretty women in the photos; they are usually old and unattractive, and they are certainly NOT the women who you are supposedly corresponding with.

She replies: "You should know that is so wrong and I should stop talking to you for that."The request for sex with her daughter was the last straw for the woman, who is keeping her identity a secret to protect her daughter.

She also claims that he pleaded to have a threesome with her and her mother and bragged that he and her daughter would make a "good-looking couple." Pervert Watkins, who last month admitted to a series of child sex abuses, inlcuding the attempted rape of a baby, first met the woman backstage at a gig in 2004.

She said: "He would talk about what he wanted to do to babies but you never think there's a fan out there that would say: 'Here's my baby'."We knew what he wanted to do but it's an unthinkable act - you don't think he is going to attempt to rape a baby."She added: "He wanted to be evil.

He would say he was evil and would say he wanted everyone to know."In a string of other messages, Watkins sent "really weird" images of what appeared to be himself performing sex acts on young girls.

"Russian brides scammers" will usually continue sending you prewritten letters in broken English.