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I find it endearing when someone that has the humility to take that stance. Don’t’ worry I have copied my community group as well.

Thanks XXX ——————————————————— From: pastoraloffice To: XXX Subject: RE: I Respectfully Disagree XXX, I’m really encouraged by your email and the fact that you CC’d your community group. I agree that this issue is a non-essential and love your trust in God despite things we don’t understand. To respond more to your email, as a reminder, in the RTRQ I said I’m more of a young earth guy and believe that it’s definitely closer to thousands of years than it is millions.

The Bible supports this as I will show you in the following paragraphs. From the end of his reign to the construction of the Temple in the fourth year of his reign takes us back another 37 years to 1055 B. If we go from the start of Solomon's Temple in the 480th year (1 Kings 6:1) and back to the Exodus from Egypt (479 years) it brings us to c.a. This gives us the conclusion that the Flood started around 2331 B. Earth is about 6000 years old and was made in days.

Let's begin with the archaeological landmark event of the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon in 588 B. If we count backwards the number of years between the fall of Jerusalem and the division of Solomon's kingdom (430 years, Ezekiel 4:4-7) it brings us even further back to the year of 1018 B. That means that levels of carbon-14 can be what ever God wanted. Their argument is that someone has written book saying Carbon dating say this, it proves that carbon dating is true and because carbon dating is true, book is true.

Secular scientists believe that rocks can be dated at "millions and millions of years" based on radiocarbon dating. So if the two basic fact behind the theory is wrong, Age of earth and the development of the environment, the dating is pure crap.

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