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Clough, 55, was found out after one of his victims spotted the camera hidden inside an air freshener in one of the toilets in the opticians.When police searched his home in Horrocks Fold Avenue, Sharples, they found 24,396 images of his victims and 27 moving images on a computer."There are a huge number of victims and it is a very extreme breach of trust."A sexual harm prevention order was also issued.

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27."No, no — my smokes," replies Smith, who had been chuckling moments earlier.

Smith then draws a revolver so fast that the gun is almost a blur. Stewart is shot five times before Smith fatally shoots himself.

"This video is depicting a young officer's last moments on this earth, and he was tragically killed.

I would like to see, personally, some legislative reform that allows us not to release certain videotaped reports to the media....

The Flagstaff Police Department redacted the footage to end before the shots were fired.