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A student rate for a monthly unlimited pass is about £80 and it will pay for itself in about a week. It’s easy to let the weather or the excuse of a lazy Sunday intimidate you from going through with plans you may have had. There are a bunch of apps to get that will make your time in London a whole lot easier, whether for staying in touch finding a restaurant or catching a cab.

Almost everywhere is accessible by the tube so this card will become your new best friend. Some days you’ll be tempted to stay in and watch tv or movies but there’s such much to do in the city it’s important to force yourself to get out. • Viber is great for texting (and calling as long as you have wifi.) • Whatsapp is for texting.

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When looking for places on a budget it’s a lot easier than walking the streets and settling on a place out of hunger.

• We Hostels If you’re heading off exploring for the weekend, check out this easy to use app to find affordable accommodations. If you want to meet local British people your best bet is to go to the quintessential London pub. What’s great about London is that many of the sights are free.

You might be the first ones there but after seeing the cover charge add up over the weeks you won’t mind after a while. It is a discounted card for the London Underground System.