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Lance Armstrong was married to Kristin Richard from 1998 and  divorced in 2003.

He then started dating Sheryl Crow in late 2003,  and annonced their engagement in September 2005 and their split in  February 2006.

Lecz Brosnan był związany kontraktem ze stacją NBC i propozycję musiał odrzucić, a jego miejsce zajął Timothy Dalton.

Producenci pamiętali jednak o nim i w 1995 roku aktor uzyskał kolejną szansę na zostanie Jamesem Bondem; zagrał w Golden Eye.

You might not know, but the pair became a parent of an adorable daughter when they were just dating and not married. On mid-2016, they went on a trip to Paris and the actor shared some moments they spent there through Instagram.