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The portrayal of the actress as a drunk, fading star who staged suicide attempts to manipulate her daughter and was so possessive that she hated her British son-in-law, was so hurtful it severed their relationship for good.

At the time of its publication, Davis was a 77-year-old breast cancer survivor who had had several strokes. I lost her, but that’s that and I say in my book that realizing that she had written this kind of a book about me was as catastrophic as the stroke was to me.‘It’s something, of course, that I will regret deeply, all the rest of my life, yes.’Two years later Davis died aged 81 in 1989, after her breast cancer had returned.

In a series of You Tube videos called A Long Day’s Journey Into Light, she shares her ‘testimony’ with her followers.

A neurotic, controlling and manipulative drunk who indulged in the occult and spent decades trying to break up her daughter’s marriage – that’s the shocking portrayal of legendary film star Bette Davis by her eldest child B. Hyman (pictured together in 1965) Hyman, now 69, who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia is a born-again Christian who says on her website that she ‘received God’s solution to her dysfunctional relationship with her controlling mother' In the second episode of Feud, which aired on Sunday, viewers get a glimpse of that volatile mother-daughter relationship, which was evident during the 1962 filming of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

If I didn’t love her I would not have written this book, let alone publish it, because this is an attempt to get through to her and present my side of our relationship to her in a way she cannot burn, throw away or ignore.’ Davis, who had several strokes and eventually died of breast cancer, said before her death: 'Realizing that she had written this kind of a book about me was as catastrophic as the stroke was to me.' Pictures, Davis and Joan Crawford on What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?