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Hello, my name is _____________________________ (your name), and I have the honor of being ___________________'s (groom's name) best man.

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However, it should be kind and personalized for the couple's situation and background.

The most fragile of wedding day rituals, more often than not a best man's speech is considered a success as long as it's not a total, flaming, marquee-silencing catastrophe that pays homage to every excruciating detail of the groom's past and ends with that "Bangor" honeymoon joke... But what if - and bear with us here - what if rather than winging the speech off the back of a bottle of table wine, our nation's Best Men stepped up and put a little effort into their moment on the mic? "But in some ways a best man speech is like performing on stage.

It may include a personal story, heartfelt expression, or anecdote.

A best man's toast is a short statement, normally no longer than a minute or two, of well-wishing to the couple.

I can think of no two people more perfectly suited for each other.