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Originally, Tapestries was a multi-world muck, of which the furry region was only one of many that could be reached through a tapestry room (hence the name).

This room still exists, in the old Castle section of the MUCK (t castle; s), and the Furry Valley is still accessible through it.

This definition includes humanoid beings such as elves, ogres, or centaurs -- humans used to be against the game's policies to enforce theming and avoid furry-bashing, but have been permitted as of September 2014.

This MUCK is for members of the furry fandom to explore their sexuality and is especially aimed at interests in the type of fantasy creatures that they enjoy.

As such people are required to be respectful of the species others wish to play.

The game world itself is based around the town of Layleaux, the center of most social interaction.

Because of the overall adult theme, many of the MUCK's peripheral areas are themed around certain BDSM-based fetishes or interests.

Characters may have consensual Tiny Sex freely in the public areas of the game world; non-consensual acts are usually restricted to designated areas or private rooms.