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That of course doesn’t mean that their soul mate (if you believe in one) isn’t someone unexpected but usually people find they are happy when they have more in common than just recreational hobbies.

Thankfully, because the world seems to be growing ever faster and larger and people are spending more and more time online a niche has formed and dating websites have come to fill it.

Many people don’t have the time to spend after work to go to the club or bar and try to meet someone new.

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Je me suis rendu sur le site de rencontres, j’ai rempli le test psychologique, j’ai alors décidé de m’inscrire.

Tout d’abord, il faut payer pour lire les messages et pour être sûr que vous allez vraiment vous abonner, des membres fantômes vous en envoient dès le début, à la minute où votre inscription est terminée. L’inscription est gratuite mais l’abonnement est très chère (179 € pour 6 mois).

Scams do happen and whenever a new niche opens up there are scams ready to jump to fill it as much as there are legitimate companies.

If you were a victim of a dating website scam then share their name with us.

Unfortunately, I could see that the situation hasn’t changed since 2008 as you can read here, here and here.

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    We lived together for about 5 years before we bought a house together and now he has 16 years sober.