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It stands in the life of historical Baptist confessions of faith such as the London Baptist Confession of 1689.

We acknowledge that our Articles of Faith are a subordinate standard, the Holy Scriptures alone being our supreme authority and guide.

Bound by common beliefs, common worship, and a common mission, nearly 300,000 individuals from 2,500 congregations across 40 states have come together voluntarily to extend their impact throughout the world. Some Chris­tian groups believe God predetermined who would be saved and lost, that Jesus died only for certain “elect” individuals, and the rest have no opportunity to be saved.

In contrast, Free Will Baptists believe God desires salvation for all and sent Jesus to die for everyone. Free Will Baptist churches are self-governing, own their own property, and call their own pastors.

We are distinctly a Baptist Church, meaning that we hold to the distinctives that Baptists have held dating back to New Testament times.