Avg updating every day

I also switched from AVG to Avast a few years ago because Avast are automatic, and do not slow my system down at all or interfere in any way with my operating system.

Every day my computer insists on doing a virus scan. Every day it finds anywhere from 4-6 trojan horse viruses on my computer. You are using 2 anti-viruses at the same time and thats a huge mistake. This is what a Microsoft MVP has to say about the subject. "Never install more than one Antivirus and Firewall!

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--"If to err is human, then I must be some kind of human!

" -Me advanced avg options then expanded "schedules" and clicked on "virus database update schedule".

I've never had a failed update except when AVG messed up their update a couple of months ago.

In the rare instance that my computer is turned off at the time I have the update scheduled for then I manually update AVG once my system has loaded.

Software--especially--with ads-- so invasive it froze and overheated my new Acer 8 repeatedly.