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I'm maintaining a legacy Web Forms application and one of the pages just serves GET requests and works with many query string parameters.

This work is done in the code-behind and does a lot of this type of check and casting.

We will also show data from a database in a paged Grid with filtering/sorting/grouping and add/edit/delete capabilities. NET MVC projects and seamlessly use both the MVC routing system along-side the Angular JS routing system. NET MVC to make you more productive on the MVC Framework. NET Identity provides some useful features for creating and managing Roles in an application.

NET Core is one of the reliable ways to prevent an additional roundtrip to the data source for data that does not change frequently. Abstract: Transitioning from HTTP API development using ASP. NET 5 has been designed to make it simpler to work with some of the coolest modern web development tools like Angular JS and Grunt.

This article will highlight the large and subtle differences and will help you out with the transition Abstract: ASP.