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Both partners will need the control in their hands, and due to strong ego, it will be difficult for them to solve problems and a power struggle will arise.

This relationship will succeed if both partners are able to swallow their pride and give in a little. They must make themselves trained to work together instead of competing and without selfishness, because the joined spirits of two Aries can gain a great deal. They will understand more than any one else the need of their Aries partner for freedom.

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Aries, a fire sign with enormous source of energy and self-motivation.

No wonder if others get attracted towards them more easily.

An Aries - Aries relation is not a match made in heaven.

As both of them are fire signs, and with domineering nature, for a long lasting relationship great sacrifice from both parts is unavoidable.

Their mutual energy and ability to make up after disagreements makes theirs a passionate and compatible relationship. When two persons of Mars's energy come together, it's like two soldiers meeting on a battlefield. Normally they both will be strong-willed and will be happy to meet up with challenges.

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