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Whenever Brown makes a move, Rihanna mimics it right after.

Bynum’s playing it the right way, not divulging any information to the paparazzi. Clippers star Baron Davis’ celebrate his 30th birthday — and danced, sipped Grey Goose and flirted with Davis and his teammates all night.” So that does say the two were flirting, right? To use Ben Maller’s line, the good part about Baron for Rihanna is that the Clippers don’t beat anyone.

But if Bynum really is getting it on with Rihanna, looks like he might have some competition.

“Andrew was having dinner at Mastro’s with his brothe and Rihanna was also having dinner there that night, but they were not together.

Given all the off-court issues Andrew Bynum’s had lately, I’m not so sure that dating a celeb is something he should be doing right now.

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown have had a fair share romantic rumors circulating around them after they were said to be “taking a break” following the beating that Rihanna allegedly took from Chris in February. According to reports, the two shared a dinner date at Mastro’s Steakhouse, located in Beverly Hills.

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