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As of early 2013, the website has shut down, prior to the shut down a change was implemented that prevented "playdates" to gain money from their endavors, instead releasing a reward system. As of late 2013 and early 2014 the link redirects to Buck, a supposedly similar website that has yet to start its function.

However since this websites demise another website Date Hero has come onto the market.

Like Alicia, I'm a little skeeved out by the whole thing." PC World's online column "[email protected]", written by Sarah Jacobsson, said: "Isn't it great to know that playing video games and chatting with hot girls aren't mutually exclusive activities any more (assuming you have the cash to spend)? I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

" "It was noted that their extracurricular activities were not directly connected to the dating service, however it's unavoidable to turn a blind eye to their other 'hobbies.' As an example, Jade Rox works elsewhere online as an amateur pornographer, and even has a website that shows off her naked, feminine qualities. , article written by Rob Rich, said, "I will say that I’m pretty put-off by this whole thing. " Games Abyss, article written by Brad Hilderbrand, said, "The website is set up like the world's loneliest singles lobby, allowing players to pick their game as well as whether they want their pretend date to be "flirty," "dirty," or both.

While messaging and requesting a game are free, it is considered a nice gesture to offer a gift when requesting a game to someone new (or as co-founder Eric Strasser puts it, "much like buying a drink for someone in a bar").