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Oct 28 1980 Coffin building parties, a Texas "bachelor book" for women 43.

Oct 29 1980 A top male model, the sport of soaring 44.

Oct 13 1980 Osmond family members Virl and Tom who are hearing impaired, cowboys who use helicopters 32.

Oct 03 1980 An ocean-diving dog, a woman whose diet includes leaves and grass from her lawn 26.

Oct 06 1980 Making of the film "Smokey and the Bandit II", pinball wizard Rob Mansace 27.

Sep 25 1980 A man-made "ocean" in the Arizona desert, a new treatment for heart attack victims 20.

Sep 26 1980 Cross country bicyclist John Marino, The National Hollering Contest in Spivey's Corner NC 21.

Sep 29 1980 The Shroud of Turin, a Florida water-skiing family 22.

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