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This is my director’s cut with extra footage not in the original release. Kelly_Skips_School_And_Gets_Sodomized_By_MH_In_The_Backseat.mp4 In Las Vegas I meet a really gullible escort named Kamy and get her up my room.

So I probably won’t be able to make good looking gifs for Season 2.

Layla_Rivera_and_MH_in_Max_Faktor_09.mp4 Krissy came out to Kalifornia to get into the movies because she loves to dress up cute and be in the movies. Krissy_Gets_Klobbered_By_MH_In_Her_Very_First_Scene.mp4 Kiara is mommy’s Persian Princess who I invite her over for a party and she goes completely fucking nuts as I turn her into one of the most perverted fuckdolls I ever had the pleasure of penetrating!

You Tube user Neil Bowyer posted the two minutes and 36 seconds worth of clips online on Sunday and it has already amassed more than 640,000 views and has plenty of interest to anyone with even a passing interest in the sci-fi classic.